For the Academic Session 2013-14

image Name & Designation Father’s Name Subject Qualification Date of joining Nature of Appointment Date of Birth Approval Letter No. PU, Chandigarh
Dr. Anil Kumar Taneja
M.Com, M.Ed,Ph.D
Mrs. Kamalpreet Kaur Assistant Professor S. Balbir Singh Tg. of Punjabi M.A. (Pbi.) M.Ed, NET (Pbi.) 01-09-07 Confirmed 04-01-75 Misc/A-5/4314 Dated: 09-04-08
Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur Assistant Professor Sh. Puran Singh Tg. of Hindi M.A. (Hindi) M.Ed. M.Phil(Edu.) 12-07-05 / 24-03-08 Adhoc / Confirmed 18-12-72 Misc/A-5/1414 Dated 11-02-09
Dr. Amritpal Singh Benipal
Assistant Professor ( Pedagogy of Science)
_ M.Sc (Phy) M.Ed. Ph.D
Dr. Jaspal Singh
Assistant Professor. ( Pedagogy of Social Studies )
_ M.A (Pol.Sci) M.Ed, NET Ph.D
Ms. Yashoda Chopra
Assistant Professor ( Pedagogy of Commerce)
_ M.Com, M.Ed, NET
Mr. Ankit Bhalla
Assistant Professor ( Pedagogy of Maths)
_ M.Sc ( Maths), M.Ed, NET
Mr. Ranjit Singh
Assistant Professor. (Perspective in Education )
_ M.A (Pbi) M.Ed
Ms. Pooja Verma
Assistant Professor. (Perspective in Education )
_ M.A ( Eng), M.Ed, NET
Ms. Gurjeet Kaur
Assistant Professor. (Perspective in Education )
_ M.A ( Sociology), M.Ed,
Ms. Neha Sharma
Assistant Professor. (Perspective in Education )
_ M.Sc, M.Ed
Ms. Monika
Assistant Professor ( Pedagogy of History)
_ M.A ( Hist), M.Ed,
Mr. Naveen Kumar
Assistant Professor ( Pedagogy of Eng.)
_ M.A ( Eng), M.Ed, NET
Ms. Batika
Art & Drama Instructor
_ M.A ( Fine Arts), M.Ed
Ms. Rinky
Assistant Professor. ( Pedagogy of Political Science )
_ M.A (Pol.Sco) M.Ed
Mr. Apram Apar Singh Instructor S. Balwant Singh Computers B.Sc. MCA 14-05-09 Regular 13-11-69 -----
Mrs Neetu ----- Librarian M.Lib 03-09-13 .... ..... -----
Ms.Rupinder Kaur
Health & Physical Education Instructor